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Hudson Valley Cattle Company / Nat Kagan Meat & Poultry is a USDA inspected processor located in Woodridge, NY. We source locally raised and slaughtered cattle, pork, lamb , chicken, ducks and seafood. Nat Kagan processes a full line of commodity beef, pork, lamb, veal, poultry and seafood 


We are a full service processor and distributor. We grind fresh ground meats to your specifications. We cut steaks, roasts, chops, process poultry to your exact requirements, and we vacuum seal all our products the way you need them. We have a full line of fresh seafood and shellfish.


With our sister company, Nat Kagan Meat & Poultry, we make trouble free deliveries to Sullivan, Ulster, Orange and Dutchess Counties. Kagan Meats has been suppling the Mid Hudson's finest restaurants for over 50 years. We were the main meat suppliers to the many Sullivan County hotels in their day.


     We are a Murray's free Roaming Chicken Distributor, bulk or case ready product. If Murray makes it, we sell it. We are within 5 miles from the Fallsburg plant.

     We carry the whole Bella Bella and La Belle Farms Duck, Duck Parts, Foie Gras, processed Duck products, Duck Prosciutto, Pastrami, Bacon, Quail and Quail eggs, Game Birds and Rabbits. We are 7 miles from their Ferndale Plant.

     We pick up fresh Trout from the Beaverkill Trout Farm raised and harvested right here in Sullivan County.  Visit them on Facebook/Beaverkill Trout Hatchery

     Got Beef? How about Locally Raised Beef from Meillers Farm And Slaughter House , Pine Plains , NY

     Got Fish? How about Fresh Seafood from the likes of Boston Sword & Tuna or Stavis Seafood or John Nagle & Co. fresh from Boston, everyday,

     How about a local Smoked Fish House? Simon and Jason of Samaki  have an unbelievable product line of old world smoked fish.

     There is no better Clam or Oyster than from Long Island NY, you want the freshest and best quality shellfish, Captree Clam is the best,

    You can also find our products along with locally raised and harvested produce, dairy, honey, maple syrups, jams, and even ice cream at

      We're a small, local company and there is a good reason why we're still suppling the best local restaurants in the Mid Hudson Region going on 50 years, 

quality and service!

     Call us and give the little guy a try. Bigger is not always Better. 


     We would love to serve you.


     Thank you,

              George, Paul and Eric

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P.O. BOX 326, WOODRIDGE, NY 12789, US

(845) 434-4334

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